Ian Clewe – I am sorry to inform you that things are other things now

– in limbo –

Ian Clewe
I am sorry to inform you that things
are other things now

Solo exhibition, Rotterdam
May 24 –/ August 28, 2020

– upcoming –

Leon Filter
Artist book, Autumn 2020

– past –

Areumnari Ee
Online – Launched on May 18, 2020
Ghislain Amar
649 N. Rose Road / Rosestraat 946
Solo exhibition, Rotterdam, 2020
a short stay
Group show with Alexander Iezzi, Clementine Edwards, Ghislain Amar, Ian Clewe, Leon Filter, Maike Hemmers, Maria Smit, Mitchel Cumming, Rabea Ridlhammer, Steffen Kugel
Arnhem, 2019
Areumnari Ee
Matter of Heart / Heart of Matter
Solo exhibition, Rotterdam, 2019
Areumnari Ee
Intermittent Love
Artist book, 2019

MALADE is a small artist-run publishing and exhibition program, launched in 2019. It is driven by discourse and sympathy, currently operating in and from Arnhem, The Netherlands.
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